A Gentle Push….

…. right off that cliff.

Medium: Kuretake brush pen, photoshop CS3. Also, thanks to Posemaniacs for the anatomy studies.

I’m hesitant to call this “manga”, but i’m too lazy to find a new category for it right now.

This is my beloved Lorenzo, yet again. You’re going to see alot of him. He is the main character in what started as my nanowrimo project, which is continuing to be in the works. The tattoo is a Forces ward, which, in a fashion, acts as a bulletproof vest. That coatl thingy hanging around him is Scaramouch, his Avatar (or for you folks that don’t play Mage, it’s the spirit that makes him a mage). It doesn’t feel done to me, but maybe you guys can help me out with that.

Enzo doesn’t often run around with no shirt on, but i wanted to show his tattoo, and man, there is a decided lack of sexy manchest right now, so i needed to draw some sexy manchest. I feel like he SHOULD have chest hair, but i dunno how to draw it without it looking weird.

This particular version of him, he is 35 (to have taken place in 2005). I fear maybe his eyes are too big, but i dunno.


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