Panda Needs Ice.

Pandora Tran, who is known as HopesChest online and Panda offline,  is a mage who specializes in magic that works around technology. These mages call themselves Virtual Adepts. She’s a coy, flirty thing.

She’s an oldie but goodie. I created her back in what, 2001? 2002? For a Mage: the Ascension game that ended up never taking off, so i’ve worked her into my DC by Night game.

Here are some far more ancient pictures of her; they served as original concepts, as well as experiments with techniques.

Panda in Ballpoint Pen, after studying Yukito Kishiro and Masamune Shirow inking styles.

This was an early (and poor, might i add) attempt at CG coloring, done with Micrographix Picture Publisher 5, before i was introduced to Photoshop. Perhaps i will attempt this concept again, now that i have some inkling of what i’m doing.


2 thoughts on “Panda Needs Ice.

  1. Are you still into White Wolf type rpg? It would be good to hook up for an online campaign, if we can draw some more dedicated players in. I have some experience at gm online rpg (hereafter to be called ORP) – the first thing is to simplify everything down to basics so far as characteristics and dice rolling goes.

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