Script Frenzy 2010 Ahoy!

For some reason, despite the influx of Enzo art in November, i didn’t mention what i was actually spending my time on creatively, which was NaNoWriMo. That would be National Write a Novel Month, which takes place during the month of November every year. I chose to actually write a step ahead in Enzo’s life, as well as actually WRITE out instances of past that would give the “present” context. November 2009 was a pretty rough month. Due to some pretty serious family issues (taking care of my most beloved relative, who was sick, dying, and then died), i found much of my time quite occupied. I only made it to 38k words, but considering the circumstances, i felt i did pretty well for myself. Well, the sister event, Script Frenzy, is now in progress. You have the 30 days in April to write 100 pages of script, and graphic novels count. Do you have the great concept that’s been sitting on the back burner? Now’s the time to break it out!


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