2008: Blood&Red buttons (phase 1?)

in 2007, i went through a “dear god i need to make something to sell at nekocon like, NOW”, so i went through my old art, and started making buttons out of them. Some of those pieces are still uploaded on my DA account now that i think about it.

On sale for 2 bucks a pop.

Do you think i should do a whole actual series of bloody vampirey type watercolor buttons?

Wanna see the originals?

This was called “Sickly”, and my first watercolor piece ever. I must have been 12 or 13 when i did it.

“Octavia” was painting in 2003 when i was in college. I need to find the original and rescan it, seriously.

“Fur BozManga” was gift art for a fellow pinup manga artist on DA. It was also my first tooling around in SAI.


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