PsychoSako’s Cifoti Safari

I’ve been addicted to RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) for probably 2 or 3 years now. It’s like a magazine with all my favorite subjects and articles that never ever ends.

I’ve recently discovered a slew of extensions for Chrome, and i’ve found a couple that make it super easy to keep up with with my feeds and share the content with little hassle.

There are some blogs in my feed that i find inspiring, or i find inspiration through. So i figured: Why not share the love? Maybe i’ll write art and design articles on it too. I dunno.

Every month, i will created a mockup magazine cover advertising the articles and such that i’ve collected over the past month.

If you need a little caffeine for the creativity, give it a peak.

via PsychoSako\’s Cifoti Safari.


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