Screnzy TGIO

So i was determined to do Scriptfrenzy this year. I’ve had the outlines for a steampunk anthology sitting on the back burner for some time now, and figured Screnzy would be a good excuse to get it done. And you know what?

IT WAS. I totally won.

It’s done. Actually done. PDFs of the script and thumbs are sitting in the mailboxes of my 8 artists right now. Sadly, one of my artists dipped out on me, so if you’re willing to draw and ink a 12 page comic i wrote about the Lorelei immigrating to New York at the turn of the last century for meager royalties, then drop me a line. haha.

Anyway, i printed out my 102 page script, and needed a cover for it, so here we are. I really heart :iconbrazendevice:‘s ceramic sculpture here. I know his work stock, but i ‘shopped it a little, and it’s just for personal use. I needed something that didn’t take alot of ink to print and was still eyecatching enough for me not to lose it in my mountain of work.

Production on Clockwork has begun. I’m hoping to go to the printers the first week of august. Fingers crossed…

Also, i totally donated, as this is a nonprofit dealy, so you can write it off your taxes. :3

Now i gotta come up for an outline for what i’m doing next year……


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