25 Expressions of Enzo, 2010 edition

This is the most consistently i’ve drawn yet.

I would look back at my old 25 Expressions from time to time, and like it less and less and less. 4 years have passed in game-time, so i figured a redraw was in order. I kinda figured it would be a good warmup to do before i worked on another Enzocentric project i’ve had on the back burner for some time. I should do the Nicolette expressions too.

I spent WAY too much time on this. I shaded it 3 times total, but was very unhappy with the first 2 tries. i spent all night doing it and redoing it and redoing it.

He doesn’t speak in leetspeak, btw. And let me just say, i should patent the Enzo Eyebrows. Also, i had a layer called “STUBBLE ABOUNDS”. Need i say more?

I recommend fullviewing so you can read.


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