Influence Map

There’s a Meme going around DA where you are given a grid and some layout guidelines, and you put your artistic influences in the boxes. I am influenced by so much (in case you haven’t been able to tell from my Inspiration blog), but i figured i’d give it a shot. There are so many more that aren’t on this visual list, but i hope they aren’t offended by my not including them.

The likes of Tessa Stone and Octopus Pie taught me that there are times where less is really more.

I picked up Wet Moon book one when it first hit my comic store back in the day. For one, the book was done in wash. Second, he made such realistic bodytypes come off as fucking beautiful.

I picked up inking techniques from Yukito Kishiro. Also, helped fuel my love of robots. Soon he will influence my environmental design.

Rey Arzeno has been very influential concerning compositions, photoshop effects, anatomy, and giving TRUE life to comic characters that i had an emotional attachment to that was previously lacking.

Don’t look at the way i draw mouths too closely. You might figure out that i learned them from studying Adam Warren. Some of my noses too.

Hiroshige was one of the many tradition Ukiyo-e artists that influenced me in highschool, and continue to do so.

Jessica Oyhenart (otherwise known as TatteredDreams here on DA) is where i want to be concept-art-wise in 2 years. Her creative range and color skills drop my jaw often.

I have been fortunate that Jason Robinson became drinking buddies. His lean bodies, simple yet fine tuned technique, and lack of fear regarding backgrounds and industrial design constantly drive me forward, and have since 2000.

One day, i will be able to draw photo-realistic 50’s expressions from memory like Adam Hughes does.

Lois van Baarle (or Loish) has never failed to impress me. I still find her older work just as inspiring now as it was then, and i have a hard time not faving every piece she posts.

Same goes for Jace Wallace, aka Wakkawa. Huge influence on my character design concerning women.

And alphonse mucha. Becuase who didn’t go through an art nouveau phase?

I would also have included David Mack (Holy shit, amazing art +amazing writing? NEVAR), Joe Silver and Molly Stackwick for making me want to study anatomy closer, and a whole SLEW of other times, cultures and artists.


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