CHOW#211: Aladdin

Upside, i’ve started doing the CHOW challenges on Downside, i finished this one day too late. Other way, here it is.

Modern Day Aladdin Process

Aladdin Dribbble

Modern Day Aladdin

Society6 Price Sheet

As I’ve been belly dancing for the past 10 years, and I learned of belly dancing through medieval reenactment, it is no surprise that i am somewhat versed in middle eastern garb and Islamic and Indian designs, so not much in the line of preliminary drawings were needed.

I decided to go with his “emperor” gear. I wanted to modernize it without Americanizing it. Some of the other challengers were doing things like, putting him in hoodies, or even chucks, and to me, it came off as a little tasteless. The idea of of a scimitar with hightops left a bad taste in my mouth. So what is the new scimitar? What is the new weapon of choice in that part of the world?

Why, the Kalashnikov, of course. I couldn’t find clear refference for Stubby version, so i figured the standard AK-47 would be fine.

Here’s the thread.


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