Day 2: Favorite Animal

This is day 2 of the 30 day challenge: Your Favorite Animal.

This was a tough one, as i love LOTS of animals, and none more than any other. However, the idea drawing a fat little finch was very entertaining to me, so here, my bluebird of happiness, so full of cute little life, and perched contently on something that only wishes it was so alive. How easily the robot could crush the little bird, but he won’t.

my family fondly call finches “leader birds”.

Once upon a time, when i was young, i went on a family vacation to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. The bus dropped us off in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. We were utterly lost. My sister, who was 8 or 9 at the time, says “Hey, let’s follow those little birds,” to which she motioned to a couple of finches hopping around on the ground. One of them began hopping in a direction, and she began following it. We all just shrugged and followed, as we didn’t have any better ideas.

The little finch lead us to civilization. “Thank you, Leader Bird!”And it seemed to nod to us and took flight.



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