Day 5: Best Friend

Day 5: Best Friend.

These challenges are harder than i expected. Favorite food? I love all food! Favorite Animal? I love all animals! Best Friend… uh…. i don’t really have a best friend anymore, not really.

It came down to my dear Molly and my ex Stein. Since reference for stein was more readily available (and i just know him so much deeper than i know Molly), i chose him. (BUT i love a molly and i might paint her anyway since i’ve got all day to do another one.

Many people know that my classical roots tend to lie in Sumie and Impressionism. One of the strongest influences in my painting style is John Singer Sargeant. So here, i painted Stein to mimick a portrait of JSS by Giovanni Boldini.

JSS is long dead, but this is an homage to my highschool art teacher and to JSS, two men that really made me the artist i am today.

Detail shot and wall paper:

This was the original painting that i based this on.


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