Day 12: Achievement

First, you should play this song while you look at this picture and read about it and such, because I assure you that is what’s playing on that jukebox.

Day 12: Most Recent Accomplishment.

My time management was a little wonky yesterday, but I still managed to finish this before midnight. And then i promptly played more L4D2. It is no secret that I play L4D2 almost nightly. I’ve been playing alot of Ellis lately so i can hear all his stories and stuff. It occurred to me that i still didn’t have the Fore! Achievement (as I don’t really play much of The Passing), so I picked that golf club up and bashed in some heads.

Apparently it is impossibly hard to draw a mechanic’s jumpsuit tied around one’s waist, so normal jeans will simply have to do.

This, by the way, in case you don’t play the game, is Ellis, Georgia native.


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