Save the Date Covermax Poster

I don’t have my monitor calibrated yet, so this might look rather pale…. lemme know if it’s ridiculously pale.

So, many of you might not know that my actual title is Graphic Designer. Like, that’s what my bachelor’s in. I much prefer to make my own “stock” than purchase it. It costs less and i have more control over what my design looks like in the end. I recently got a new job at a marketing agency, and find myself not having enough time to make the stock, so DA to the rescue.

Once in a while, when surfing DA, i’ll get hit with some stock that is just ridiculously awesome, but i have no use for it at the time, so i stick in a folder in the hopes i’ll find a chance to use it in the future. FINALLY the folder actually proved helpful yesterday, saving me a ton of time. Thanks to all the stock accounts that continue to put up great work for me to make my designs pop.

These are the invitational cards that we sent our primo client: Better Homes and Gardens: Real Estate. I did a bunch of options, but this was my favorite. I even went to the trouble of putting the client’s logo on the candies. :3

Go give :iconxstockx: some love: odds are good you’ll find something you dig.

There’s a good chance that i will attempt to vector this and make it a 2’x3’poster. It would look wicked awesome on my wall.

As a note, the image here was photoshopped for display purposes. :3


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