The Psylocke Challenge Day 1

I am aware that her anatomy is totally wacked. it’s a brief sketch, and more of an exercise with coloring than anything else.

Now that my 30 day challenge is over, i’m starting a new daily challenge.

Every day for the next 12 days (well, mostly anyway), i will be doing a sketch of Psylocke at some point in her life as i have roleplayed her, which means i’ll have some uniforms that she never wore for teams she was never on in the comicbooks, like Alphaflight. It’s a pretty general challenge, so if you want to try it, this is the day list:

The Psylocke Uniform Challenge

Day 1: 90s Blue Strips
The old blue thong that everyone knows.

Day 2: The Good Old Blue and Gold
Every xman has a classic blue and gold uniform.

Day 3: Pink
Her first uniform, that pink gaudy thing.

Day 4: Shield
As in Nick Fury’s Shield. She was in fact a member at one point, though it’s only mentioned in passing.

Day 5: Blind Revanche
When Revanche was dying of the legacy virus, she tore out her robot eyes.

Day 6: Random uniform for some team she was never on
I’ll be doing Alphaflight, since that was a team i roleplayed with back in the day, but do any random marvel team you like.

Day 7: X-Treme
The bondage uniform, with the leather and garters and red logos abounds.

Day 8: Cloak and Armor
Revanche’s full uniform.

Day 9: Lady Mandarin
Once upon a time, Psylocke was head of the mafia in Singapore, and she had a bitchin’ set of armor that made no sense to wear.

Day 10: Vargas pinup
This is a bit of a double play, since she was both a model in her younger days and she was murdered by a man named Vargas. 50s Pinup style GO.

Day 11: Exiles
It’s simple and revealing, and who doesn’t like that?

Day 12: Hellfire Club
Take this as you will. She mentions in passing in the 90s that her family were Hellfire Club Members, and she used to go all the time.


There you have it. If you do it, link it here: i’d like to see it.


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