Photography: Elisse’s Bridal Shower

I was making amazing progress on my queue, and then my laptop decided to eat itself. I remembered to back everything up… except for my brushes and actions. Hundreds of them. So i need to track down the ones i downloaded and remake the ones i did from scratch. That kind of sucks that i have to do that all mid set.

My dear friend Elisse Hamu got married, and had a steampunk-themed wedding. When i shoot a wedding, i tend to shoot the bridal shower, the prep, the ceremony, and the day after. With friends, it’s easier and harder at the same time. It’s less awkward because i can still joke around and be friendly and bossy without stepping over my bounds. It’s rough because i’d rather be enjoying my friends’ wedding. I’m in uber-work mode for 3 days, so i’m exhausted by the time it’s all said and done. However, whenever I go into the review phase, I feel that every bit of blood and sweat i put into it was every bit worth it.

Here is the Bridal Shower.

The Husband to Be

London Bridge comes with snacks.

Obligatory sappy card time

The Ultrasling III

Pass the buck


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