Photography: 365 Project: Week Eight

Challenge: Take a picture once a day, every day, for 365 days. I will be doing this through Instagram and my iPhone4. I’m hoping to publish this into a photo book in a year’s time, which will include haikus that will act as the photo’s commentary. Wanna do it too? Photojojo has some groovy guidelines you might find inspiring.



49.3My boyfriend playing with his dog.



50.2 doodle of enzo's wife on a postit.I gamed for the first time in quite some time, and discovered i’d doodled one of my Laughing Dragons, Kageko, on a post it and stuck it on the inside of Enzo’s (her husband’s) book. And hey, it doesn’t suck. There’s no date, which just makes the whole thing all the more intriguing. I have no recollection of drawing this.



51.2 Matt and his nutcracker.Matt, the brain meats behind a short film i’m going to be art directing for. Apparently art direction in film means acquisition of props and interior design, which is fine.




Low light photography of my cat, who was DETERMINED to wrap her head around me whilst i attempted to sleep.




The night before was the ridiculous flooding in the area. I live at the top of a hill, next to a swamp that goes into the Potomac (i can look across the water and see LaPlata, Maryland). We had 5 inches of steadily building water AT THE TOP of the hill. Cars were stalling out and being swept away on the main roads. Videos of a man white water rafting on 29 and the people wading up to their ribcages through the water were enough to keep me inside. However, everything was ridiculously green the next day.



54.2 make the best of a bad situation.

McDonald’s current children’s campaigns are ben10 for the boys, and you know what are for the girls? Coupons for mom and daughter sketchers. shoes. to buy. The toy is a light up shoe that came with coupons and stickers. I took the stickers and put them all over my water bottle. I seem to be the only person who is outraged by this.




I wasn’t thinking about it when i did this at 2 in the morning, but it’s somewhat apt. I got a couple more apps to run pictures through for this project, and one of them has a “ghost” filter. The pattern is my bedding.

A couple of people have attempted to tell me that the pentagon was never hit. If i hear one more thing about 9/11, i’m going to start flipping tables.

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