Photography: 365 Project: Week Twelve

Challenge: Take a picture once a day, every day, for 365 days. I will be doing this through Instagram and my iPhone4. I’m hoping to publish this into a photo book in a year’s time, which will include haikus that will act as the photo’s commentary. Wanna do it too? Photojojo has some groovy guidelines you might find inspiring.


(mon 10.03.11)

77: like old times.

Just like old times.
I got on a train marked blue, and it was orange instead. I had to backtrack and got off at Rosslyn, which is the stop i used to get off from for 4 years when i was going to school there. I was a little nostalgic.


(tues 10.04.11)

78.1 Lauren

Coworker Lauren. She’s amazing at what she does.


(wed 10.05.11)


A gorgeous woman on the first day of beautiful weather for WEEKS.


(thur 10.06.11)


Day two of awesome weather. Part of me wants to ride a DC bus one day just for the sake of riding a DC bus.


(fri 10.07.11)


There’s a Belgian place in Occoquan VA called Cock and Bowl. They specialize in specialty belgian craft beers and belgian seafood. It was a swell evening.


(sat 10.08.11)

82.2: ryker and acacia suicide

Ryker and Acacia Suicide at a Suicidegirls event in Frederick MD.


( sun 10.09.11)

83.2: Jay

One of my USAF pals, Jay. He was nice enough to let me crash at his joint after the event.

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One thought on “Photography: 365 Project: Week Twelve

  1. Nice one. The umbrella lady is very evocative. And I like those tatts against the rough floor boards. Keep it up! It’s a simple idea, yet at the same time, the idea of having a photo for every day of the year is quite powerful. Good times, and bad I guess.

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