Photography: 365 Project: Week Thirteen

Challenge: Take a picture once a day, every day, for 365 days. I will be doing this through Instagram and my iPhone4. I’m hoping to publish this into a photo book in a year’s time, which will include haikus that will act as the photo’s commentary. Wanna do it too? Photojojo has some groovy guidelines you might find inspiring.

Welp, i’m a wee bit behind, so i’m gonna take this weekend to kind of catch up.


(mon 10.10.11)


In days of yore, I used to commute to Rosslyn for art school. A train mishap (marked blue but headed orange) had me get off and turn around. I got a little nostalgic.


(tues 10.11.11)


Coworker Lauren. She’s amazing at what she does.


(wed 10.12.11)

86. Dad's guns got a Belgian makeover.

Sometimes the best pictures come out of spontaneity. Most days, I remember this project and in a panic, I take a picture of whatever is in front of me and doctor it a little. So far, this panic shot is one of my favorites in the series.


(thur 10.13.11)


It was raining harder than it had during the hurricane and flooding an all that, and we were under tornado warning. Unfortunately, the iPhone likes to filter out any kind of fuzz, so no taking pictures of rain. However, we have a family of jade plants that’s been breeding for about 15 years. This is one if the newer additions to the family.


(fri 10.14.11)


Whenever I take pictures like this of railway automotives, i want to come up with some kind of fictional backstory for the picture. It’s basically the 8 year old in me that still holds that strange fascination with trains, planes and automobiles.


(sat 10.15.11)

89: haloween begins!

In Frederick, MD, i attended a rather marvelous halloween party. Mr. Blond, A vampy chick, and Wednesday Addams. Wednesday appears to have become a victim of the Beardening.

Lincoln’s beard seemed to travel about the party from person to person.


( sun 10.16.11)

89? 90?

The morning after, we all looked like personifications of human regret in varying stages.

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