Photography: Flight of the Valkyries 5

Some of you might recall my pictures from Flight of the Valkyries East, at the Ottobar last year. Well, i was asked to come back again this year, where it was hosted again in Baltimore MD. This time, it was at Sonar. This was the best FOTV yet, and made some wicked awesome new friends.

The downside was that my very expensive Canon with crappy external flash took a nasty spill whilst it was being cared for by someone not me, so i did not get to photograph the last 4 bands. I did, however, get some of the first three.

FOTV5: Serpent Witch
These guys made me super nostalgic for my teen years with their super heavy, super grrrrly, super classic sound. And my teen years were horrible, so i suppose that it would be an epic compliment of sorts.

FOTV5: Flames of Fury

FOTV5: Cassandra Syndrome

FOTV5: Flames of Fury

FOTV5: Flames of Fury

You know the drill. Check out the rest of the album.


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