Modeling: Sako Tumi: Sunday Bloody Sunday

I recently recieved a request for more “self portraits”. While i don’t have many that i’ve done personally, i do have many done by my awesome pal Edel Tripp, so over the course of the next couple weeks, i’ll force my ugly mug on you people :3

One of the reasons i like shooting with Edel is because I push his boundaries and make him try things that he wouldn’t have tried otherwise. This is the guy who makes Muppets and draws childrens cartoons, so to do something with a violent horror sort of undertone was a big stretch for him. This was also an exercise in expressive eyes for me, and i learned how to make fake blood just for this shoot, so we both learned something from this.






and a little outtake.
“Dont hate on my bed spreads and thumb tacks, son.”


One thought on “Modeling: Sako Tumi: Sunday Bloody Sunday

  1. That last pic:

    Next up on the Home Chopping Network, we have this lovely little piece, weighing approximately nine and a half ounces, available for the low price of $99.99

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