30 Day Drawing Challenge July2014

I’ve done enough of these 30 Day Drawing and Design challenges that i began to combine them. Pretty much all of these are technically WiP sketches, but they’re SOMETHING.

30DDesignC: Day 7: The Letter Q.
30DDrawingC: Day 13: An Existing character in a red suit.

Red Suit Q

30DDesignC Day 7: Skull
30DDrawingC Day 12: Magical Zombie Robot

Voodoo Diviner Bot

30DDesignC: Day 3: An Unfit Means of Travel
30DDrawingC: Day 9: Mexican Superhero

El Luchadore

30DDC2014: Day05 videogame: Grendel
Grendel of Wolf Among Us

30DDC2014: Day07: FriendVillain: Benge
El Benge

30DDC2014: Day04 Last Comic: Ronin and Butterfly
Wolverine and Psylocke, Logan and Betsy, Ronina and Butterfly... a rose by any other name, right?

30DDC2014: Day03 FamousBot: Hedonismbot
Oh, How Decadent

30DDC2014: Day02 FaveChar: Skywise
Skywise, Elfquest

30DDC2014: Day01 Self Superhero: The Obsidian Lily
The Obsidian Lily

Much of this can be found in my Society 6 shop.


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